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The adv series was newly proposed by rs taichi adventure concept riding equipment support the best moments of your journey.


all season

All Season Series

All Season Series provides versatile gear for riders, offering comfort and protection in changing weather with breathable, weatherproof fabrics.


TAICHI has updated its 3D color simulation system for easy to use. You can operate a 3D color simulation system easily on your smartphone too. (Excluding some models)

The simulation applies to GP-EVO.R107, 108 and 109, and GP-MAX.R103. You can also save the data of your customized design for a while. Please try it once. (Not applied to GP-WRX series racing suits.)


RS Taichi GP WRX R307 Racing Suit


RS Taichi’s premium racing suit with all the necessary protection, highly breathable.

RS Taichi GP WRX R306 Racing Suit


RS Taichi’s premium racing suit with all the necessary protection, highly breathable and now also “Tech Air” airbag compatible.


The pursuit of safety and comfort.

At Taichi, we are continuously striving to secure a high degree of safety and comfort for riders and to provide support for a life with motorcycles that will bring them the joy of riding for years to come.

Taichi goes above and beyond other manufacturers by developing protective gear based on the standards of “CE marking.” Designed from the rider’s point of view, our products excel in comfort and functionality, made to adapt to the unique challenges in environmental variation motorcyclists face, and to provide freedom of motion.

Everything we do is in the pursuit of safety and comfort, to make riders’ ideal gear a reality. That’s what Taichi safety is all about.

*CE marking is a European safety standard designation that aims to reduce fatalities due to traffic accidents.



Taichi’s safety philosophy is all-inclusive safe designs that also provide comfort, functionality, and impact-resistance.

Protectors that provide the highest degree of safety can detract from the original allure of motorcycle riding if they inhibit the riding experience.

All Taichi products aim to maintain a high standard of safety while simultaneously providing superior comfort and functionality.


Motorcycle wear designed in the pursuit of comfort

Motorcycle wear designed in the pursuit of comfort

Our design patterns are created around riding positions so that even motorcycle wear with many inner protector elements brings no sacrifice in comfort.


High-visibility reflectors

High-visibility reflectors

To improve visibility in conditions such as when riding at night, Taichi motorcycle wear incorporates reflectors in various locations throughout their design


Uniquely developed protectors

Uniquely developed protectors

At Taichi, we’ve striven to develop our original protectors to lower the fatality rate of traffic accidents. Continually trying out new strategies, such as utilizing materials not used by any other companies and combinations of different materials, makes our protector development notable for its innovation.




Among fatalities caused by traffic accidents, the main area of injury is the head in 41.8% of cases; the next highest cause of death, at 36.5% of fatalities, is injury to the chest and stomach area (based on 2016 statistics). Instances, where forceful impacts to the chest may occur, include collisions against other vehicles or structures, as well as against one’s motorcycle fuel tank or handlebar. Forceful blows to the chest can cause damage to the lungs, heart, and other organs, and, in worst-case scenarios, lead to death.

Due to the particular road conditions of Japan, which include a high ratio of road intersections, there is a trend toward a large number of fatalities due to collisions with four-wheel vehicles within intersections.

In Japan, the percentage of riders who use chest protectors is still low. So, what can we at Taichi do to make chest protection more common?

Our goal is to reduce the barriers and complexities of wearing chest protectors and create a high standard of safety suited to Japanese statutes.

By wearing chest protectors the same way you’d never go riding without a helmet, we can reduce the risk of death in case of an accident, protecting the priceless lives of riders.

That’s why we at Taichi are perpetually striving to incorporate new techniques and develop safe and innovative protectors.

The Need for a Chest Protector


High safety of TAICHI protectors

Clears world-class high safety standards

Clears world-class high safety standards

Many of TAICHI’s chest protectors pass PREN1621-3 LEVEL 2, which requires higher rigidity among the CE standards, which are said to be among the strictest safety standards in the world. To further improve penetration resistance, we are developing and selling a combination of the aforementioned Texel chest protector and the viscoelastic material “KARVO Shield,” which is made by layering film-like and woven materials and compressing them with heat. did.

Uniquely prescribed safety tests for higher safety

Uniquely prescribed safety tests for higher safety

In addition to inspections by EU CE standards, we repeatedly conduct safety tests and prototype production based on our regulations. By subjecting a single point to a shock that is sometimes stronger than the CE standard, and performing even more rigorous safety tests, we strive to create products of a higher level than can be found in the standards. In addition, we have achieved reliable safety through high-quality control during mass production.


A protector that is more suitable for each rider

Lightweight and comfortable for riding

Lightweight and comfortable for riding

TAICHI’s protectors are lightweight, fit easily to the body, and are easy to move around in. Conventional protectors, which improve protection through thickness, are difficult to put on and take off, and do not fit well to the body.

Abundant lineup to suit various applications

Abundant lineup to suit various applications

We have models with different shapes and materials, including protectors for shoulders, elbows, and knees, as well as women’s models tailored to the shape of women’s breasts, Texel separate chest protectors with left and right splits, and cross-ray chest protectors with enhanced penetration resistance to meet your needs. We are developing a rich lineup of products to suit your needs.


Find the comfortable motorcycle life that a sense of safety provides.

Find the comfortable motorcycle life that a sense of safety provides.

Safety is the most important element in truly enjoying a comfortable motorcycle lifestyle. However, there is no official safety standard in Japan to determine the protection power of protective gear. That’s why we develop protectors using Europe’s CE standards.

Taichi is ahead of the competition with protectors designed to reduce the risk of fatalities in the case of an accident. Our specialty is producing well-fitting protectors that provide freedom of movement via thin and light materials, rather than protectors of the past that used thickness to provide safety.

At Taichi, we continue to conduct thorough research on safety and comfort to give you the products you need for a truly freeing motorcycle riding experience.


Great wearability with freedom of motion.

Great wearability with freedom of motion.

We want you to be able to ride comfortably, whether it’s during the hot summer or the freezing winter. Keeping in mind a wide range of needs and opinions, we at Taichi develop products with superior functionality using our own knowledge as fellow riders.

One of our focuses is creating designs that maintain a high level of safety in our products while also providing freedom of motion and high wearability. Even motorcycle wear with many protective pieces doesn’t suffer when it comes to comfort and fashion.

We also have a wide lineup of wear that allows users to adjust the protector location in order to accommodate riders with different body shapes and sizes. We deliver quality products that go through rigorous testing in the development process so that they can stand up to any of the changing environments a cyclist faces.


We constantly strive for innovation with products invested with new ideas.

We constantly strive for innovation with products invested with new ideas.

At Taichi, we support professional riders competing internationally, including at the world championships, through the development of competition models of our gear. With our technology cultivated through world-class cutting edge development, we are able to release everyday products that are always a step ahead.

For example, we have achieved what previously was not possible in motorcycle wear: a jacket with a removable hood that lets you easily melt into the city crowd after getting off your bike.

We also have collaborations with fashion brands and game franchises. We will continue to deliver a large line of products that combine new ideas with trusted construction to create the ideal product for every rider.

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