What Makes the

Blu Armor C30 Device  The Best Choice for Riders

RIDEGRID Mesh Intercom

Talk to up to 20 riders with one button. Clear and stable connection even when far or hidden. Enjoy music and chat at the same time with auto-mixing. Smart and self-repairing mesh network.

JBL Signature Sound

High-quality JBL speakers for hi-definition sound. Crisp and balanced audio for music, podcasts, and voice. Enjoy your ride with clear and rich sound.

All-Weather Usage

Waterproof (IP67) device for rain, dust, and dirt. Use it in any weather without damage. Long battery life (16 hours) for longer rides.

360° App

Companion app for smartphone control. Update firmware, access manual, create and manage groups, track buddies with radar. Voice commands for hands-free operation.

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