How to Choose The Right Helmet?

6 Tips by 6kiom

Helmets comes under different size options starting from XXS to XXL, refer below size chart to find the right one for you.

Tip 1: Choose right Size

Full Face Helmets comes with Air Intake and Exhaust vents. Look for vents before buying an helmet.

Tip 2: Ventilation

Most of the branded helmets offers Anti-Scratch & dustproof visors with Pinlock. Some helmet brands also offer inbuilt Sun visor.

Tip 3: Visor

Look for ISI,  ECE and/or DOT Certifications before buying an Helmet.

Tip 4: Safety Certificate

Look for options to add Helmet Bluetooth Intercom, Go-Pro compatibility if required

Tip 5: Compatibility for Extra Accessories

To Understand the difference between below helmets click to link in next page 1. Full Face Helmet 2. Half Face 3. Modular 4. Off-Road 5. Racing Helmets

Tip 6: Purpose & Type:

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6 Tips to Choose Right Helmet


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