AXR Helmet: The Ultimate Choice for Racing-Style Decals and Features


*Dual Visor System for hassle-free riding under any conditions *Anti-Bacterial Fabricswhich prevent odour formation over time *Bluetooth is Compatible with recessed liners so you can stay on the grid even while riding off it *Chin Curtain prevents dust, noise and wind whistling from disturbing you *Anatomically shaped 3D Linersfor the ultimate fit, one that is comfortable yet safe *Extended Nose Guard that helps direct the ventilation better

*Short Tail Spoiler maintains helmet stability at high speeds without troubling the pillion rider *Extended Nose Guard for more effective de-fogging during humid and cold weather Mechanism prevents  any visor-related mishaps or inconveniences while riding *Moisture Wicking Fabrics that keep you cool during long rides or high temperatures *Anatomically shaped 3D Liners prevent the helmet from shaking at speed *Optically Clear Visor that gives you an undistorted line of sight

Performance –

Safety –

*Impact Resistant ABS shells for higher shock  resistance on impact than regular ABS Shells *High-Density EPS can absorbs larger amounts of force than regular EPS *Reflective Piping on the bottom of the padding for nighttime visibility from the back *Quick Release Micro Adjustment Lock that allows you to perfectly adjust and tighten your belt lock *ISI Certified DOT built to DOT, awaiting certification

axr Alpha

DUAL VISOR SYSTEM, short tail spoiler, extended nose guard, and reflective piping for racing-style decals.

Racing-style decals with features for speed, comfort, and safety.