Tips to  Choose the  Right Riding Boots

1. Purpose

The 5 major types of Motorcycle Riding Boots available are: – Race Boots – Adventure Boots – MX Boots – Urban Boots – Touring Boots

2. Certification

Always look in for the CE or European Certification tags while purchasing riding gears as it relied worldwide as a standard of quality. 

3. Protection

the common places of injury are the arms and legs as they stick further out of the body. So it’s always a good investment to pick up at least basic protection early.

4. Material

Take advantage of D3O Protection inside the boots liner for better impact absorption and a lighter overall boot. Successful brands offer the nicest and most lightweight materials as they have the highest impact on consumers.

5. Comfort

Make  sure to choose a boot that you feel comfortable in and specific for your use. Trade in for really good mobility and comfort when on or off the bike.

6. Sizing

Always try on the boot you intend to buy and move around in them. A small riding boot can cause pain and discomfort and a boot too big might not protect you properly.

Riding Boots

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