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The Vulcain EV 3in1 Jacket by Furygan is a superbly made jacket – great for all weather conditions. With mesh on armpits, this jacket eases heat dissipation. D3O protectors assure safety in crash situations and abrasion resistance. An all rounder, this jacket offers extra comfort and high protection for a great riding experience.

  • The Vulcain 3 in 1 is homologated as PPE.
  • Outer shell: a combination of three different grades of Polyester. Ballistic, Mat, and Plain. For maximum abrasion resistance and unbeatable style.
  • Furygan Skin Protect lining approved by Furygan R&D (Motion Lab) to reinforce leather products in terms of tearing and abrasion resistance.
  • D3O homologated protectors for elbows and shoulders. D3O offers full protection without restricting comfort and freedom of movement.
  • The back protector pocket is compatible with D3O Central Back(level 1) and Full Back (level 2) back protector, available as an added option.
  • Additional external shells on the shoulder.
  • Reflective insets on the chest, arms and back.
  • Removable and padded thermal lining featuring aluminium inserts on the chest. This new generation of lining is equipped with a high collar, and with additional padding on the chest, a very exposed zone to coldness.
  • Mesh at armpits to ease heat dissipation.
  • Second Skin membrane. Lightweight and comfortable, the design of our new lining was inspired by the characteristics of human skin, breathable and waterproof, for maximum performance.
  • The Furygan Connection System (F.C.S.) allows you to connect trousers as well as various optional linings and accessories to you Furygan jacket or trousers quickly and easily.
  • Furygan Ski System: A waterproof skirt, sewn on a anti-slip elastic, prevents the air to come inside the vest from below.
  • Removable, it reveals a full length zipper allowing a 360 connection to Furygan trousers.
  • Furygan AFS MAX system: large vents with water repellents zips on all arm length and in the back can be opened in order to create an air flow in the vest.
  • Adjuster at the collar. (automatic multi-position adjuster), wrists, hips, waist and arms. (to ensure the protectors will remain fitted even without the removable thermal lining.
  • Eight pockets. Five outside, including a credit card pocket, and three inside.
  • Connecting zip sewn on an elastic belt. Additional snap claws for linking the jacket to your trousers belt quickly and easily.


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