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Most Common Biking Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Most Common Biking Injuries and How to Avoid Them by 6kiom. The motorcycle is a gateway for many enthusiasts to a world that turns not on an axis but on a bearing. Biking is a serious hobby and lifestyle for lakhs of people and, for better or for worse, isn’t the same as being a cinephile or a swimmer — it involves a varying degree of danger.

But the purpose of this blog isn’t to lament the interlaced accidents with the euphoria of biking; rather it is an attempt to keep your wheels upright by exploring some common biking errors, the danger they pose and how to avoid them altogether.

  1. Ankle bruising: In case of a fall, the first contact with the ground is likely to be the lower leg. The ankle has the smallest radius to turn before scraping against the ground and that is why the responsible rider must always be geared with quality boots that have ample padding for the ankle. These reinforced essentials are sturdy and flexible with brands such as Falco, Stylmartin and Axo using advanced technology and adaptable shoe bodies.
  2. Knee scrape: The knee acts as a protractor that gauges how close to the edge a rider is. Those thrilling bends and apexes are an integral part of the riding experience. But a little debris on the track or a second’s distraction can turn a ride into a rumble. And the knee used to gauge angle can undergo serious injury. A trusted knee guard can not only save skin, and deeper tissue from damage but also complete your riding look! Knee guards like those available from Rynox are lightweight and crafted to cover the shins, too.
  3. Road rash: Our reflexes are lightning-fast, especially when moving at high speeds. The adrenaline makes sure our body makes the right moves when riding and even in case of a mishap. Bikers who undergo an accident often don’t remember how they saved themselves. The hands, legs or posture take a position to save the face, head or back. In this process, the skin can rub against the road and suffer severe abrasions and lead to something called road rash. The tar is painful to remove from the already damaged skin and makes for nasty scars. Simple prevention is a biking jacket that is stylish and durable. Match your motorcycle or your moods and stay safe from road rash.
  4. Head trauma: India has the highest volume of road accidents and deaths. But so many of these are easily preventable through good quality helmets and gear. Whether it is a motocross helmet or an urban design, protection is paramount and every rider must own a helmet the minute they own a motorcycle. International brands such as HJC, Arai, AGV and more are here to stay, so explore and take your
  5. A Mind block – Any damage to the body is unacceptable. And just as unwelcome is damage to the mind. An unprepared ride can be far from pleasant under the wrong conditions and leave hesitation and fear in the rider. Injuries are preventable with the right gear and riding training, both of which await at a single hotspot in Bangalore. Before the sins of recklessness slow down the next ride, gear up for life.