Riding a motorcycle is ideally a very personal and involved experience for many riders. Although the age of technology have made motorcycles reliable by adding various safety features, it is always best to know your bike in order to be the real master of the machine. Riders who take better care of their bikes benefit from a more precisely operating motorcycle, and this improves the quality of the whole experience. All riders should understand which systems and components need the most attention for reduced chances of premature failures.

Taking good care of your bike can amplify your riding experience and make it easier for you to operate your motorcycle. The saying – better safe than sorry, applies to all motorcyclists as being stranded on an unknown road can be far worse in comparison of sparing an hour worth of checkup of your beloved bike before the ride. You don’t want your Sunday ride to go down the hill before you even start for the trip, so regular inspection is always as important as the other details of your trip. The idea is to keep exploring your bike. Being proactive in seeking out what you need to know, taking better courses to stay sharp, and interacting with other knowledgeable riders are good ways to continually improve.

At 6000 Miles to Isle of Man, we host interactive sessions with professionals, experienced riders and riding instructors so you are always updated about the best care for your bike as well about the latest in the world of biking. We organize Do-It-Yourself sessions so you can avail hands-on training from the best in the field. The sessions teach you to be self sufficient in times of turmoil, so you don’t have to break your back looking for a mechanic in the middle of nowhere. Solo trips will never leave you panicking, and your skill will keep you riding confidently, without any stoppages. Knowing your bike always pays off, so get your hands dirty and join us for some interesting sessions!