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Hardcase Luggage vs Softcase Luggage

Hard Case vs Soft Case Luggage blog

Hardcase Luggage vs Softcase Luggage – 6 Tips to choose the right Luggage system for your Motorcycle by 6kiom.


Searching for the right accessories in a riding gear store, whether online or in person, can be very fun but also leaves you with a lot of thought regarding the options available. Today, in our latest segment of 6 Things by 6KIOM, we’re going to go over how to choose between Hard Luggage Systems and Soft Luggage Systems.

To start off, let’s understand what we’re dealing with today. A “hard” luggage system is typically a box made out of plastic or aluminium, while “soft case” Motorcycle luggage is usually made from rexine and rubber.

Examples of Hard Case Motorcycle Luggage Made with Aluminum and Plastic.

Coocase Aluminum Luggage for Motorcycle         SHAD SH33 Top Case for Motorcycles Box

Examples for Soft Case Motorcycle Luggage made with Rexine.

Soft Luggage Tail Bags from Rynox & Viaterra.

Rynox Navigator Tail Bag 50L

Viaterra Claw Mini(48L) 100% Waterproof Tailbag

Let’s find out how to choose between a Hard Case vs. a Soft Case Luggage System for your Motorcycle with 6 key tips from the 6kiom team.

1. Weight

Soft Case Luggage is lightweight as compared to Hard Case Luggage due to the materials used in their construction. If you’re someone who has less power (cc) motorcycle and prefers to travel light, then Soft Case Luggage can be best for you.

Softcase Luggage comes in different sizes and Liters options from 10ltr to 50+lts such as Tank Bags, Tail Bags, Hybrid Bags and so on. To check the available options in Soft Luggage click here.

So if you’re riding a lower cc  Engine bike and prefer to carry light luggage with you, soft luggage systems is the way to go.

2. Security

Soft Luggage usually uses zipper mechanisms and plastic clasps, which is not recommended if you’re carrying valuable items with you.

Rynox Aquapouch Waistpack- Stormproof YKK Zipper

Hard Luggage has Lock and Key mechanisms built into them by design, making them the safer option of the two. With Hard Case Luggage, you can have a piece of mind if you have to leave your Helmet or belongings at the motorcycle for a quick coffee or lunch between your rides.

Shad SH23 Side Case Black

3. Cost

Hard case luggage

Due to the Build Quality and Materials used Hard Case Luggage are more expensive than Soft Case Luggage. If you want a Simple Luggage system at less cost then Soft Case Luggages are good to go. Hard Case Luggage is primarily for regular Daily use for long-term usage with the motorcycle.

4- Maintenance

Hard Luggage are fairly easy to clean since they are made of smooth plastic and/or metal. They can even be left on the bike while it gets washed to make it simpler.

soft luggage wash care for motorcycle

Soft Luggage on the other hand is made of fabric, rexine, rubber, etc. which all have specific wash and care instructions to follow.

5- Installation and Comfort

Soft Luggage straps

Soft case luggage is a more universal fit due to them using straps and buckles, but these straps are tedious to mount every single time and have a tendency to flail around in the wind if the ends are not tucked away.

Hard Case luggage clamp mechanism

Hard luggage has clamping mechanisms which helps them easily mount on your bike’s Top Rack or Saddle stays.

6- Purpose

Soft Case luggage for off roading

When it really comes down to it, the most important factor in choosing your luggage system is what kind of use you intend to put it to. If you’re more into off-road trails and adventure riding, soft-case luggage is probably the way to go.

SHAD Luggage System

If you see yourself spending most of the time riding in urban road conditions, then don’t think twice about hardcase luggage!

To Summarize in a quick Table:

6 Points to Choose the Luggage Preferred Luggage System
Weight Soft Case Luggage
Security Hard Case Luggage
Cost Soft Case Luggage
Maintenance Hard Case Luggage
Installation & Comfort Hard Case Luggage
Purpose You got to choose!


Additionally, you can find a video resource for this over on the 6KIOM YouTube channel:

We hope this article makes your next accessories purchase a little less confusing, feel free to use this as a reference while making your way through our catalogue at our store or on our website.

Ride safe!