Tips To Ride Responsibly

Tips To Ride Responsibly by 6kiom:

Being a biker is far from being clad in leather and chugging beer. It is about being responsible and just enjoying your machine and surrounding while riding. It is about camaraderie and about being a model for those who aspire to own a motorcycle when they are old enough to ride one.

Yes, there is a certain amount of fun in being an outlaw. But none of those apply to the laws to be followed on the road. Being on a motorcycle has additional responsibilities, which a true biker follows assiduously.

Bikes are hard to spot and are vulnerable. The fact that you drive a little automobile does not give you the right to drive recklessly.

Here are some tips on how to be a safe and responsible rider.

Undergo proper training:

One of the perks of owning a motorcycle is also its biggest hazard. Which in our case is learning how to use it. When on road, it’s not just your safety that matters but everyone else’s too. Learn from the professionals before your start. Be it long hauls or crazy ass motocross stunts, train with professionals.

Checks before every ride:

As an owner, it’s always your responsibility to keep your vehicle road-worthy. Ensure every working part of your rides works to their best including the signals and lights.

Be Mindful of your surrounding:

Riding a motorcycle gives you the right to swerve through traffic. But doesn’t give you a get out of jail free pass. Maintain proper distance between vehicles and always keep a lookout for signals and pedestrians.

Know your Strengths: 

Always be mindful of your capabilities and your bike to support you when needed. Blasting at full speed may be fun, but unsafe for you and your fellow riders too.

Wear the right protection:

Your brain and bones look better inside your body than on the road. Always be accountable for your safety. Wear proper riding gear with appropriate certification to ensure safety. Keep in mind your riding style and needs before you decide on what you require.

When to and When not to:

You should pick your moments carefully for when you go on Full Monty with the throttle and when to slow on down. It comes with experience and being responsible. The level of wisdom you acquire with experience can be life-changing for you or your fellows. Do pass on your wisdom unto those fickle minds of rookie show-offs and get them to follow all safety protocols.


Use 6KIOM for your next riding gears and accessories purchase. As riders ourselves, we understand the suffering and needs of other motorcyclists. So, if you have any questions about your bike, riding safety, or the appropriate gears and accessories to get the most out of your bike, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Are Motorcycles Better to Ride in City Than Cars?

Are Motorcycles Better to Ride in City Than Cars?. It’s a debate as old as time. Or, at least, as old as the automotive industry. Still, the debate rages on.

Do you prefer the spaciousness of a car or the fresh air and freedom of a motorcycle?

Other questions include ones around fuel efficiency, resale value, parking, and traffic jams.

With so many things to consider, many people choose a car by default. However, as many riders know, motorcycles can be mighty rewarding.

No matter what you look for in a vehicle, there are plenty of worthwhile reasons to swap your car for a motorcycle.

Avoid Traffic Congestion

Everyone is in a mad rush in cities. Commuting to your office in a car is like creating a fuss for oneself daily. Getting to your destination faster is easier with motorcycles because it can squeeze through traffic and avoid jams, as gaining an advantage in traffic requires only a gap. It can filter through the traffic easily so you reach your destination much faster. 

A motor cycle can easily sift through traffic maneuvering your way to the front. 

Forget the Parking Woes 

Because motorcycles are smaller than cars, they can fit into tighter spaces, which can make finding a parking spot easier.

Not only can motorcyclists save time circling the block looking for a park, they generally pay less for parking than car owners.

No Queuing Up at Tolls

Not only that the motorcycles are exempt from paying toll tax in India, but they also gain the advantage of avoiding the long queues by passing through split lanes at the toll gate. The average time spent in a car on a toll gate in India is around 10-15 minutes during the peak hours, which ideally should take 10 seconds only. Commuting on a motor cycle saves a massive chunk of your time while crossing crowded toll plazas during peak hours. 


Motorcycles are more fuel-efficient than cars. Many consume less than four litres of fuel per 100km — outperforming even the most fuel-efficient hybrid cars.

This can save a motorcyclist literally thousands of rupees a year in fuel costs.

Feel Closer to the Nature

Imagine this: sunshine, a cool breeze, an open road, and the scent of leather and the great outdoors.

Few things beat the fresh air and freedom you experience when riding a motorcycle. It can be equal parts exhilarating and liberating.

Studies have shown that riding a motorcycle can both reduce stress and promote relaxation.

A recent study found that riding a motorcycle had “a positive effect on stress levels, decreasing hormonal biomarkers by 28 percent compared to the other measured activities”.

Sounds like the ideal excuse to hit the road!


Motorcycles are fun. You’re roaring down the road, adrenaline pumping, off on an adventure.

In contrast, many cars are simply a way for their owners to get from point A to point B.


Not only are motorcycles a whole lot of fun, they’re also good for your health.

A 70kg motorcycle rider will burn an average of 170 calories during a one-hour ride — roughly 40 calories more than the same person would burn by driving a car for one hour.

Plus, riding a motorcycle engages far more muscle groups than driving, giving you a full-body workout. While this admittedly isn’t enough to forego your regular exercise routine, it’s certainly a nice bonus!

Keeping Clean

When was the last time you cleaned your car (driving in the rain doesn’t count)?

If it’s been longer than you’d like to admit, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The good news is that motorcycles are significantly easier to clean than cars, for the simple reason there’s less to clean.

This is particularly true for people who ride their motorcycles mainly on sealed roads (as opposed to off-road).

Plus, you don’t have to worry about decluttering the boot, tidying the glovebox, or trying to clean under seats.

Safety Concerns

Over time, cars have gained an advantage over motorcycles when it comes to safety concerns. But today, we have a plethora of safety gears for the biking community that offers utmost safety so that you do not have to compromise on your love for the two-wheeled engineering marvel. 

So grab your helmet and other safety gear to zoom through traffic. 😉 

Most Common Biking Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Most Common Biking Injuries and How to Avoid Them by 6kiom. The motorcycle is a gateway for many enthusiasts to a world that turns not on an axis but on a bearing. Biking is a serious hobby and lifestyle for lakhs of people and, for better or for worse, isn’t the same as being a cinephile or a swimmer — it involves a varying degree of danger.

But the purpose of this blog isn’t to lament the interlaced accidents with the euphoria of biking; rather it is an attempt to keep your wheels upright by exploring some common biking errors, the danger they pose and how to avoid them altogether.

  1. Ankle bruising: In case of a fall, the first contact with the ground is likely to be the lower leg. The ankle has the smallest radius to turn before scraping against the ground and that is why the responsible rider must always be geared with quality boots that have ample padding for the ankle. These reinforced essentials are sturdy and flexible with brands such as Falco, Stylmartin and Axo using advanced technology and adaptable shoe bodies.
  2. Knee scrape: The knee acts as a protractor that gauges how close to the edge a rider is. Those thrilling bends and apexes are an integral part of the riding experience. But a little debris on the track or a second’s distraction can turn a ride into a rumble. And the knee used to gauge angle can undergo serious injury. A trusted knee guard can not only save skin, and deeper tissue from damage but also complete your riding look! Knee guards like those available from Rynox are lightweight and crafted to cover the shins, too.
  3. Road rash: Our reflexes are lightning-fast, especially when moving at high speeds. The adrenaline makes sure our body makes the right moves when riding and even in case of a mishap. Bikers who undergo an accident often don’t remember how they saved themselves. The hands, legs or posture take a position to save the face, head or back. In this process, the skin can rub against the road and suffer severe abrasions and lead to something called road rash. The tar is painful to remove from the already damaged skin and makes for nasty scars. Simple prevention is a biking jacket that is stylish and durable. Match your motorcycle or your moods and stay safe from road rash.
  4. Head trauma: India has the highest volume of road accidents and deaths. But so many of these are easily preventable through good quality helmets and gear. Whether it is a motocross helmet or an urban design, protection is paramount and every rider must own a helmet the minute they own a motorcycle. International brands such as HJC, Arai, AGV and more are here to stay, so explore and take your
  5. A Mind block – Any damage to the body is unacceptable. And just as unwelcome is damage to the mind. An unprepared ride can be far from pleasant under the wrong conditions and leave hesitation and fear in the rider. Injuries are preventable with the right gear and riding training, both of which await at a single hotspot in Bangalore. Before the sins of recklessness slow down the next ride, gear up for life.

2 Wheels & 5 Passes

2 Wheels & 5 Passes – The road from Manali to Leh-Ladakh spans 500 kms. These paths can be covered by car or bike but this is a journey of the soul above all else. And the bare, free soul rides on two wheels. The most recommended bikes are tourers with big engines that will have no problem conquering the changing terrains and carry you with ease. The Royal Enfield Himalayan, Royal Enfield Classic and Bajaj Avenger are the standard bikes available for rent but your own wheels are always the best. As for the time of the year, any time between June to mid-October will have forgiving roads and thriving greenery after which the snow makes the journey precarious. So, in this new month of July, the legendary trails are awoken that have been deepened by wheels trading over them for decades.

The journey will begin by tracing the Beas river through the narrow, scenic and breathtaking Rohtang Pass. There is little to no allowance for any mistakes because the road really is narrow. While two vehicles can pass through simultaneously, there isn’t much room to meander or swerve, and the harsh, muddy paths won’t have any of it. The elevation of 3980 meters, however, is enough for the mind to wander endlessly. The world drops off into nothing and panoramic scenes unfold on the path to Suraj
Tal, the highest lake in India. You and your bike can get ready for the photoshoot of a lifetime set against a lake so blue it puts the sky to shame. By now, your warmest jackets and innerwear have been worn and you’re covered from head to toe with your bike’s angry engine as a respite from the cold.

The next landmark will be the Gata Loops. The Gata Loops are filled with exhilarating bends and quick braking zones that will elevate you over 400 meters in 7 kilometers. They are a taxing portion of the journey but also one of the most memorable and of course, are surrounded by myth and mystery. More breathlessness, elevation and terrains filled with imposing trees or lifeless rock will greet the rider. Grit and a need to see the beautiful valleys of Ladakh will take you halfway; the right gear and protection will give you the confidence to make it across!