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6 tips to Choose the Right Helmet

Here are 6 tips to choose the right helmet shared by Professional Bikers that helps you to buy the right helmet online or at the store

Helmet is a vital part of riding gear, and choosing the right helmet is even more important!

Tip 1: The Right Size:

This is where people often make mistakes especially while buying helmets online. Helmets comes under different size options starting from XXS to XXL, in some brands up to 4XL too. Below is a size chart to help you understand the right size to choose in helmets. However, the fit and comfort may vary depends on the shape of your head too. So, it’s recommended you buy the helmets at your local store.


Tip 2: Purpose:

Helmets are created for different purposes depending on where they will be used. It can be for Race Tracks, Motocross, Off-Roading, Adventure ride or just urban riding. Each of these scenarios require helmets to be customized for them. For example, the helmet used for regular urban riding Can’t be used at race tracks!. So, it’s important to know what is the purpose or use for the helmet before you buy one.

Below picture is an example of helmets used for different scenarios:

  • Open Face Helmets


KYT Open Face Helmet

Open Face Helmets are most widely used for your Urban Rides as they are very comfortable, easy to strap and remove. These helmets offer the best Ventilation but will not protect from dust on roads. If you are looking for a short ride with comfort and basic protection, Open Face helmets are the one to go for.

  • Modular Helmets

Modular helmets online store

Modular helmets come with a retractable chin cover within the helmet. They are Perfect for riders who often need to communicate face-to-face with someone else while stopped. This is common for couriers and delivery people, as well as motorcycle riding instructors. Also Riders who wear eyeglasses sometimes find modular helmets easier to wear with their glasses. Modular helmets are noisy as compared to full-face helmets, but if you compare its noise reduction efficiency with the noise reduction efficiency of open face helmets, then they are not. They definitely limit the air from entering as the rider’s face, and chin will be covered, which results in less noise. However, it is considered to be unsafe riding with an open modular helmet.

  • Full Face Helmets

Suomy Full Face Helmet

Full Face Helmets offers complete protection from dust on roads as they completely cover your face and chin. Full face helmets are also called as racing helmets or urban helmets, however the racing helmets have D-ring or Double-D.

What is D-ring or Double-D?


D-ring fasteners are one of the main – and best – types of helmet fasteners you’ll find on modern motorcycle helmets. They’re pretty low-tech but by using solid components that won’t break and masses of friction between them, they make for great helmet fasteners.

  • Off-road / Motocross Helmets

These are light weight helmets designed for performance in off road and motocross sports. Mostly the helmets are designed without an inbuilt visor. However, you can buy googles separately as they are sold in different color options and features such as UV Protection & Anti-scratch visors.


Motocross helmets are not recommended for racing as the beak in front of the helmet may rise the helmet up at high speeds.

  • Dual sport Helmets

ls2 Dual Sport Helmet

Dual Face Helmets are a mix of Full-Face helmets & Motocross helmets. They can be used on streets as well off-road as they have inbuilt visors fitted to them. However, these helmets can’t be used at Race due to the beak on the top of helmets which may make the helmet rise up at higher speeds.

  1. Ventilation:

Ventilation is another important factor to be considered while buying a helmet. Without doubt we all can agree that Open Face helmets offer best ventilation and air flow. However, Full face helmets with air intake near the chin and upper head with Exhaust at the rear offers good ventilation while ensuring the aerodynamic airflow too. Below picture is a reference of how air flow in full face helmets work.

  1. Visor :

Most of the branded helmets offers Anti-Scratch & dustproof visors. Some helmet brands also offer inbuilt Sun visor which can be enabled and disabled through a button or clamp mechanism. Also, look for Pinlock system while buying your helmet as this can help you do further customizations such as adding an anti-fog film visor in addition to the inbuilt visor. Below picture is an example of antifog & Sun visor.




  1. Safety Certifications:

Helmets comes with different Safety standards & Certifications such as ECE – Economic Commission of Europe, DOT – Department of Transportation & most important of all in India ISI – Indian Standards Institution. It’s very important to look for brands that offer helmets with ISI Certification as certified helmets are proven to reduce the risk of injury by 69% and risk of death by 42% in severe accidents.

  1. Compatibility for Extra Accessories:

SENA Parani M10 Bluetooth Communication System

Branded helmets offers more customization options for the helmets such as option to add a different visor colors, Bluetooth and Intercom from brands like SENA , Chatterbox, PARANI etc. If you are someone who will certainly add any customizations from below images, then choose your helmet wisely as not all brands offer complete customizations options.

For more information check out our video on 6 tips to choose the right helmet for you at our YouTube channel.